Melbourne SEO Myths

We are Melbourne based SEO agency helped so many businesses around Melbourne, We have talked to many business owners who are either starting up an SEO campaign or trying to improve the online presence. Surprisingly many people have requested the below things thinking they will help to improve the search rankings. Will analyse how these items below will affect the search engine rankings.

Going after short keywords


Most people think ranking for shorter and broader keywords will generate more leads. For example, if you have an Indoor sports centre providing indoor tennis as a service ranking for the “tennis” keyword. In reality, if someone is searching for “tennis” they are most likely not looking for an indoor tennis court to play. At the same time going after this keyword is not worth as it is will be really hard to rank. Instead, these kinds of local businesses should focus on long tail keywords which are more likely to attract more leads and easy to rank on top. For example indoor tennis Toorak.

Trying to rank for “Melbourne”


The other common myth is ranking for the keyword combined with Melbourne. For example, if you have a local restaurant 40km away from Melbourne you should not target for the keyword “restaurants Melbourne”. Many businesses have achieved somewhat success ranking for these kinds of keywords. However in reality when someone performs a search for “restaurants Melbourne” their main intent is to find a restaurant in Melbourne. As soon as they land on the website they will realise the truth and will bounce back from your website and select another result from the search results page. This will over time reduce the website page rank and slowly push the website out. So for a local business serving customers in their premises, it is best to target the surrounding suburbs instead of cities.

Having a Blog

Most business owners we come across has requested a blog section on the website to improve search rankings. Having a blog with well-written content about the industry will certainly help to display the website as an authoritative voice. However many business owners do not have the time to sit and write 1000 word articles, so simply they outsource it and get a short poor quality blog. This is not recommended as having short articles will most likely get under Google’s thin content list and get pushed out. So if you are planning to have a blog you should try and spend some time writing, as your the best person to write about your business. The original idea is if you have a blog section quality articles organically people will link to it. These natural backlinks will help to increase website page ranking.

Negative Google reviews are a conspiracy


If you have a negative Google review it is not always a conspiracy or a bad customer. We have had this complaint very often and we spent our time to see the reviews and compare them with other reviews, We also try and see the reviewers other reviews. This in return will give very good feedback about the business, so it is vital to take this criticism and identify the areas in the business which can be improved. Most often these kinds of negative reviews will have the same common underlying issue, so identifying and improving them will definitely help the business. Also, business owners think that this is one side story and they always feel they did not get the chance to tell the full story. If you use the Google business account to respond to the negative reviews and offer them something to return to the business. You can show them that you are able to provide a good service and request them to edit the review.

Website content is not as important as product images

This is a common request from a new business or new website. They think more content is not useful as people will not read them all. This is somewhat true as most people will just skim the website content and when they find it interesting or relevant they tend to spend time on the page to read through it. However it vital to have quality original content on the page so search engines can understand the business and rank the website for related search queries. Having images and graphics is important however every single page should have at least 600 words of original content or there is a high chance to get filtered as thin content.

All the search engines have the same purpose to serve the users with the best possible results. So instead of trying to chase the search engines if every business can chase the customers by providing quality information so they can make an informed decision. This will over time automatically improve the search rankings. We always have the audience first on all our SEO campaigns so talk to us about our unique approach on user-based SEO now.

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Melbourne SEO Myths

We are Melbourne based SEO agency helped so many businesses around Melbourne, We have talked to many business owners who are either starting up an

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